USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
  •  USB 3.0  Bottom IO panel
USB 3.0 Bottom IO panel
The price ($8 USD) includes:
-I/O base plate panel mount
-dual audio jack (microphone + headset)
-audio transmission cable (HD AUDIO, not AC97)

have any questions or concerns, please contact us through one of the following:
email: Welch52553[at]
WhatsApp: (+852)65862206

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Coming soon
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Notice: We cannot guarantee any deliveries will be fulfilled during February of 2021, as both our factory and courier company will not be in operation during Chinese New Year. We are tentatively scheduled to suspend work from February 5th to February 19th. We will still accept orders during this period, but do not expect any goods to be delivered.

Email/WhatsApp consultation services will continue to operate normally during the Chinese New Year holiday.


Please read ALL the information below before you buy!

Mounting: The USB panel takes the place of the 2.5” SSD/HDD mount in the Xproto and is mutually exclusive with installing a drive; only one of the above can be used at a time. This is not an issue with the Xproto-L.

The USB 3.0 version uses a 20-pin USB 3.0 male header for the motherboard

If you order this product along with an Xproto / Xproto-L, there will not be an added shipping charge.




Warning: Some purchasers have reported that customs duties were charged. You may have to pay customs duties or a similar import tax depending on your country’s import regulations. If you have special requirements to declare, please let us know in your order.

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Installation guide below.








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