XTIA Custom Modular Cables Service

XTIA Custom Modular Cables Service

The price ($26 USD) includes:
-motherboard 24-pin ATX cable (these are 20+4-pin on the motherboard side)
-CPU 8-pin ATX/EPS cable (these are 4+4-pin)
-x2 GPU 8-pin PCIe cables (these are 6+2-pin)
-x2 SATA 5-pin cables with straight end termination
-x6 velcro wrap cable ties
-bundle of zip ties
-acrylic cable combs (x2 24-pin, x6 8-pin for both CPU and GPU cables)

Please let us know in your order details if you desire extra cables, such as an additional PCIe 8-pin cable.

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Please read ALL the information below before you buy!

These are modular cables with tailored lengths for our cases. They can be used with both the Xproto and Xproto-L.

Cable lengths:
-200mm motherboard 24-pin ATX cable
-350mm CPU 8-pin ATX/EPS cable
-300mm GPU 8-pin PCIe cables
-250mm SATA power cables

Type B cables are approximately 80mm longer than Type A.

If you order this product along with an Xproto / Xproto-L, there will not be an added shipping charge. 

We found that limiting users to only Corsair power supply cables cannot satisfy many of our customers, so we launched a customized cable service, mainly serving non-Corsair PSU users. In your order please be SPECIFIC and do not leave any vague terms. You must add all the following information in your order details:

-brand and model of PSU
-colour of cables (you can mix-and-match)
-any custom lengths, if necessary. By default the lengths are those listed above.
-which type of cabling (A or B) The two types are outlined below:


It takes approximately five days to process a set of customized wires. Your order cannot be cancelled. If you purchase customized cables with your case or any other parts, your order may be delayed as we ship the cables with the rest of your items. Please let us know in advance if you wish to have your cables shipped separately. There may be an extra fee for shipping if you desire to have the cables shipped after the rest of your parts.

Be advised your custom cables order cannot be cancelled.

Colours available:

Silver/Black silver-plated Teflon coated
These cables are comprised of a silver-plated copper core with a transparent/black  Teflon insulation layer. Thin but rigid wires.


White/Black/Red  silicone coated
These cables consist of silicone coated high-quality wiring. The silicone insulation is very soft and easy to bend. These flexible cables are suitable for tough wiring runs


Warning: Some purchasers have reported that customs duties were charged. You may have to pay customs duties or a similar import tax depending on your country’s import regulations. If you have special requirements to declare, please let us know in your order.

Note: If you wish to add more products to your order (such as an AIO mount plate), please place a new order and choose the “free shipping” option.

Shipping time: Once the order is confirmed and ready to ship, XTIA will send you a confirmation email. The order will be sent out and we will send you the tracking number through another email within a few days. The whole process normally takes around 3-5 business days.

Shipping region costs: To request a quote of postal costs for countries and regions not listed, please contact us via email at welch52553@gmail.com.

Cancelling an order: Please send an email to welch52553@gmail.com and provide your order number to request a cancellation. Your order can only be cancelled before it is shipped, and we cannot guarantee we can cancel your order successfully. There may be a cancellation fee if your order is unusual or custom.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through one of the following:

email: Welch52553[at]gmail.com

WhatsApp: (+852)65862206


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